Malang Movie Download|Trailer|Review 2020

Malang Hd Movie

Malang Movie Download|Trailer|Review 2020:- Hey guys,this is Action,Drama an Romantic movie.In this movie Advait (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Sara (Disha Patani) both meet in Goa. They are young, they are good-looking, they are in pursuit of freedom and adventure.The film however isn’t likely to do much for Goa tourism. The world of “Malang” is dark and twisted, and Suri depicts the beach state as a Wasseypur-like badlands with rampant drug use, frequent brutal killings, and widespread corruption in the police force. Think of it as the anti-Dil Chahta Hai. Advait and Sara’s beach-swept romance is a prelude to a string of bad things that take place. When the body count rises the onus to sniff out the killer and bring him in falls on Agashe (Anil Kapoor), a cocaine-snorting, trigger-happy senior cop with little regard for rules, and Michael (Kunal Kemmu), a righteous officer who prefers to do things by the book.

The film leans on its cast to do what they do best. Aditya Roy Kapur, flaunting a chest that refuses to be contained in shirts, gets multiple opportunities to flex his chiseled pecs. Disha Patani sportingly shows off her perfect toned figure. Kunal Kemmu has some interesting moments, especially the scenes with his wife, played by the reliable Amruta Khanvilkar. But expectedly it’s Anil Kapoor who’s having the most fun. As Agashe, who’s always on edge, the actor is deliciously unpredictable, while also effectively conveying his inner pain when required.Let out at his star cast.

Malang Hd Movie
Malang Hd Movie

Malang Movie Star Cast

Director: Mohit Suri
Actor: Aditya Roy Kapur,Disha Patani,Anil Kapoor

Manlang Movie Trailer

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