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Kaanchli Hd Movie

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Kaanchli Movie Download|Trailer|Review 2020:- Hey guys this is rajasthani movie.If you are rajasthani or watch to like rajasthani movie,then you should watch this movie.Because this movie is fully based on rajasthani culture.Somewhere in Rajasthan a local cowherd Kishnu gets married to the immensely beautiful Kajri. The Thakur of the village played by Lalit Parimoo is struggling to maintain his ‘royalty’ and can barely afford the salary of two of his servants. Still the said royal aristocratic indulgence signifying machismo of having the best of wine and women is deeply rooted in Thakur. He hears stories about Kajri’s beauty and his lust for her begins.

Thakur’s man Friday the shrewd, cunning Bhoja gets the assigned to win Kajri for the Thakur. Now it’s left to Bhoja to get the job done for Thakur. Things take unexpected turns when Bhoja falls for Kajri and starts making advances for himself which Kajri smartly refutes teasingly making Bhoja getting caught red handed in front of her husband Kishnu. But, Kishnu who is suppressed by the power of Thakur and his gratitude towards him overlooks the bad intentions of Bhoja and gets convinced in whatever reason he gives for his unwanted presence.Let out at his star cast.

Kaanchli Hd Movie
Kaanchli Hd Movie

Kaanchli Movie Star Cast

Director, Producer: Dedipya Joshii
Actor: Sanjay Mishra,Lalit Parimoo,Shikha Malhotra

Kaanchli Movie Download

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